1349013018_7051_plansarija_logarski_kot_savinjski_zelodec_dolina.jpgThe hut was built in 1937 and it has recently been renovated. Our food and accommodation cater to everyone who values traditions and cosiness.


Our menus are based on traditional cuisine and locally produced ingredients. We serve various cured meats, cheeses, stews (goulash, veal stew, sauerkraut and bean stew, etc.), and venison dishes (deer goulash, deer steaks), but most guests return for the mushroom soup, buckwheat mush with cracklings, cheese dumplings, and various strudels. We organize picnics, lunches, and food tastings for larger groups (cured meats, cheeses, cottage cheese, etc.), and our small store has a selection of many traditional products: jams, cookies, tea, honey, ground elder syrup, as well as items made of wood and wool.

logarski kot


You can sleep in of our 5 twin rooms, 1 four-bed room, and 1 nine-bed room. The rooms are simple and the showers and toilets are in the hallway.1349124911_9901_plansarija_logarski_kot_dolina_01

TWIN ROOM                                                     CHILDREN (5-12 years old)

Overnight stay € 22.00 / person                   Overnight stay € 13.00 / person

Breakfast 7,00 € / person                               Breakfast 4,00 € / person

Dinner 8,00 € / person                                   Dinner 5,00 € / person


MULTIPLE-BED ROOM                                    CHILDREN(5-12let)

Overnight stay 20,00 € / person                 Overnight stay 12,00 € / person

Breakfast 7,00e / person                               Breakfast 4,00 € / person

Dinner 8,00 € / person                                 Dinner 5,00 € / person



Overnight stay 20,00 €

Breakfast 6,00 €

Dinner 8,00 € (or according to the price list of the selected menu)


SLEEPING UNDER PLANJAVA1349128573_1660_logarski_kot_dolina26

If you’d like to have a simple night’s sleep straight from the old times, you can enjoy a night in the hay, but we suggest that you bring a sleeping bag.

You can also pitch a tent on the meadow behind the hut, just let us know of your plans beforehand.

You’ll awake to the sounds of the singing birds and later our two small donkeys, named Miki and Piki, and our friendly dog Bonko will come and say hello.


We also host larger groups (up to 30 people) and organize birthday parties, anniversaries, business lunches, weddings, etc.

We’ve prepared some menus, but we’re happy to modify them in accordance with your wishes. Take a look at our group menus..